Human Resources Consulting & Coaching

Crisis, did you say crisis?

As a consequence of the slowdown of World economy and the radical changes it has brought many companies are forced to adapt their structures. Hire freezes, restructuring, cost cuts, downsizing, staff layoffs? Countless managers are facing the fast changing economic environment and often have to take unpleasant decisions related to headcount. Consequences for leaving and remaining staff as well as for job applicants can be heavy.

More than ever Human Resources are a key factor for a company's success. Having the right person in the right position is the only way to achieve the expected optimum results. However, this conformity doesn't only depend on a person's competencies and experience but also on affinities and on motivation. Full personal implication will make the difference!

Focusing on this reality we have developed a full range of career services delivered by experienced consultants who have extensive backgrounds in business, personal consulting and coaching. They are particularly skilled at designing strategies and solutions to help individuals and organisations during times of change, transition and growth.

Split up in style. Because you always meet twice.

Our offer

For Companies:

We help you to manage and optimise your most valuable resource: your workforce. We provide integrated solutions through strategic workforce planning. All of our strengths - experience, people, resources and quality - translate into bottom-line results for your organisation and the employees you entrust to us.

For Individuals:

Employees or people looking for a job - we help individuals to enhance and sustain their employability and to ensure lifelong career success by enabling people to adapt to change. Also, we help to connect to job opportunities.

Our methods

Depending on their particular situation and needs our Clients may choose amongst the following approaches, or opt for a combination:



We advise and help you in the fields of strategic planning, development and management of your Human Resources. This tailor-made process will always start with an in-depth analysis of your situation and of your needs.



One or several of our consultants accompany an individual or a team during times of change, transition and growth. Become the right person or the right team in the right job(s), and/or strengthen your positions!


PSP© Personal Success Profile

A professionally structured tool for assessment, self marketing and career development.


With the natural development of companies the leading personalities change, consequently the competencies expected from the key personnel continuously change, too. A manager who filled his or her ideal position two years ago does not necessarily have the same view today. Conversely a Company's ideal appointment of an employee to a given position hardly remains ideal forever.


The PSP analysis as a professionally controlled process reveals a person's current potential, the often unutilised strengths and his or her real desires. Potentially companies may use these results to make the most of the available work force. PSP© helps individuals to position themselves objectively, to face realities and to plan and undertake career moves with the existing employer or on the labour market.


PSP© is available as a tailor-made, individual training or as a seminar for groups of any size. 


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