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What is the most significant indicator for the quality of Management Consulting services? The way they are put into practice. ERNI ASSOCIATES' consulting and coaching services are of course based on our consultants' skills and competencies, but also and invariably on their field experience as managers.

We love what we are doing. We live for this passion, every day.

Management Consulting - go all the way

Managing a company and its human resources encompasses many challenges. Working with our Clients we have learnt that most firms have clear ideas and guidelines concerning their strategies. But what about putting them into practice?


How can we help you?

Our consultants are used to be evaluated by way of the results they achieve for our Clients. How can our sales force achieve better results? How to conduct an internal restructuring? How to gently and correctly reduce a business that has become redundant? These, amongst many others, are situations in which you will appreciate expert support and guidance. We will mandate the consultant or compose the team that will best understand your business and your needs.